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The Kubert Legacy

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It all started with the legendary DC artist and my grandpa, Joe Kubert with his iconic work on Batman, Sgt. Rock, Hawkman, and Tor. The apples didn't fall far from the tree when those talents trickled down to his sons, Andy (my dad) and Adam (my uncle) Kubert, who have delivered stunning pencils for BatmanThe Incredible Hulk, Action Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, and many more mainline titles.

Now another member of the Kubert family is making her mark on the industry to carry on the legacy for a new generation... ME (Emma Kubert).

I am a third generation freelance comic artist, writer, and graduate of The Kubert School. Drawing and storytelling has been imbedded in me even before I was born, so I have always had a passion for this industry.

In the start of my artistic career, I freelanced for various companies such as DC Entertainment, Dynamite Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, and Image Comics. I have  penciled, inked, and colored for DC Entertainments’ DC Superhero Girls and Teen Titans Go!, and drew layouts for the company’s young adult graphic novel Raven.

Currently, I am the co-creator, penciler, and colorist of Image Comic’s INKBLOT, an ongoing high fantasy story about a mischievous black cat with the uncanny ability to do…anything. I created the quirky series with my wonderful partner, co-creator, inker and letterer Rusty Gladd, who also graduated from The Kubert School.

Rusty, fourth of his name, makes his comics debut as inker, word-thinker, and letterer of INKBLOT. With a mighty pencil in hand, Rusty has since freelanced for various clients including DC Entertainment.

We find joy in all the stories we create and are extremely excited to share our own narrative in a wonderfully silly way.

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Commissions are my opportunity to not only create something unique, but to fulfill the requests of the loyal fans and art lovers. I love connecting with fans in this way, drawing their favorite characters, and giving every piece of art a unique twist to make it one-of-a-kind.

Fantasy is my favorite genre, but in all honesty I enjoy drawing anything from superheroes to steampunk to whatever else is out there!

Shows and conventions are one way to connect with me and get your commissioned artwork, but now you can order it here online at emmakubert.com. Check out the online shop, the commissions page linked below, or request something totally unique to you.


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Company's I've Worked With...

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Syfy Wire Logo

SYFY WIRE captured the following painting session with Emma where she applied her watercolor skills to the character of Batgirl and explained how her mother's medium and passion for painting inspired her to take up the brush. Watch as Emma brings her favorite superhero to life!

Emma Wordmark
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